Air Conditioning Services (Air-con)

We offer air conditioning services to make sure you keep cool during hot days and evenings in the South Coast - travel in comfort!

Common Issues with Car Air Conditioning

While the weather in the UK means we are hardly ever using our car air conditioning, when it's needed, it's really needed. There's nothing as uncomfortable as a hot car. Air conditioning is great feature to look out for in a car, circulating cold air throughout your vehicle to keep you cool.

Often due to the lack of use of your car's air conditioning, the quality and performance of your air conditioning can become impacted. Common issues of air conditioning include: 

  • Air conditioning taking a long time to circulate cold air

  • Warm air being circulated when the air conditioning is set to cold

  • No air being circulated at all 

  • Odours coming out from the air vents

If you are having any of these common issues, CNB MOTs are able to help diagnose and repair the  issues. Our location is convenient to much of Hampshire, including Chandler’s Ford (5 minutes drive), Eastleigh (10 minutes drive), Southampton City Centre (15 minutes drive) and Winchester (15 minutes drive).

Car Air Conditioning requires Regular Maintenance - Re-Gassing Services

​lot of people do not realise that air conditioning requires regular maintenance to ensure cold air continues to circulate the vehicle. Even with the perfect use of your vehicle, you air conditioning refrigerant gas needs replacement when it is close to being emptied. It is often recommended that you service your car's air conditioning once every 2 years. Not keeping up with your vehicle air conditioning service should not cause damage to your vehicle. It simply means the performance of this feature will be significantly reduced.

Air conditioning regassing involves the removal of the existing refrigerant gas from your air conditioning system. It is then replaced with a new refrigerant. Changing the gas on the vehicle will ensure you get cold air, quicker. The process will often take under an hour to be completed by a qualified specialist.

CNB MOTs Southampton have qualified air conditioning specialists who will be able to re-gas your vehicle safely, properly and at a competitive rate. 

Need to book in your vehicle's air-con regas?