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Why choosing a reputable MOT Station is important

MOT testing ensures your vehicle is safe and roadworthy for you as the driver, your passengers and all other people and property around you. This includes ensuring that your vehicle meets the current environmental standards

It is important that your MOT test is carried out by a reputable Authorised Examiner with appropriate quality management in place. Without the right procedures and quality control in place, there is the risk that your vehicle may be incorrectly or inappropriately passed or failed

Always check that you are visiting an MOT station that is authorised by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA)

What we offer

CNB MOTs has a long history and reputation on our capabilities in mechanical repairs. We have and continue to uphold a strong reputation on providing our customers with value for money on high-quality repairs on thousands of vehicles through the past 20+ years.


This means that as an MOT Station, we have the expertise not only to test your vehicle for any immediate issues that may result in your vehicle failing but to also help highlight any potential future issues.

We will always pass your vehicle when ​it meets the minimum requirements for passing but are on hand to help when there may be other issues arising. Our team can identify, isolate and repair any issue.

When to have your MOT test

MOT testing is a mandatory requirement for vehicles over 3 years old. Once your vehicle is 3 years old, you will need to have an annual MOT test. It's important to have your MOT before it expires.

If you leave your vehicle without a valid MOT, you are unable to legally drive your vehicle or park it on a public road. 


You can check your MOT status easily, through the UK Government's Check MOT Status website here. All you'll need is your vehicle registration numberYou can also sign up to free MOT reminder alerts through the UK Government website here.


You can take your MOT test up to one month (minus one day) before the existing MOT expires and you will retain your renewal date. You will be covered until the same date the following year.  


Make sure you've pre-booked your vehicle for an MOT test before you begin driving. Your new MOT renewal date will be a year from the date of passing.

Preparing for your MOT test 

An MOT test ensures that your vehicle is roadworthy, so it will include testing the most fundamental features of your vehicle. For example, the mirrors, tyres and windscreen wipers.

It is your responsibility to ensure that you maintain your vehicle throughout the year yourself or through a reputable garage. There are many simple things that you can do yourself to make sure your vehicle is kept roadworthy and will pass its MOT test. These are often easy, low maintenance checks.  

For our TOP TIPS on how to prepare and pass your MOT test the first time, click on the banner on your right. 

What to expect during your MOT test

Your MOT will take approximately 45 minutes and will involve the inspection and testing of your vehicle to ensure it remains roadworthy. Just follow the 3 simple steps below and keep worry-free. We'll be on hand to help you if you have any questions in the process.

Need some tips to pass first time?

Arrive at your appointment 15 minutes early and park your car in any free bay.


Go to reception where you'll be met by someone from the team who will confirm your details and take your keys. 


We will move your vehicle onto the testing bay, where we will begin the inspection. Just sit down and relax in the reception area or enjoy the scenery outside!

Commercial Vehicles
We have great experience in MOTs for Commercial Clients, including Taxis and Uber drivers

What will be inspected during an MOT Test

The image on the right-hand side shows the key areas that your vehicle will be inspected on while inside our garage. Using the latest, high-tech equipment, we will test each area to ensure they meet the minimum standards. The main components that will be checked include: 

  • Car battery

  • Bonnet

  • Window wipers/washers

  • Windscreen 

  • Steering Wheel 

  • Horn 

  • Seatbelts/Seats

  • Body/vehicle structure

  • Car boot 

  • Vehicle fuel system

  • Exhaust and emissions 

  • Bodywork and doors 

  • Mirrors

  • Brakes

  • Suspension 

  • Tyres and wheels

  • Registration plate 

  • Car lights 

For more information on what's included, you can review the UK Government guidance on getting an MOT here (external link).

You can review our checklist of easy tips to help you pass your MOT and maintain your vehicle throughout the year here.


If your MOT has run out, you will need to have a pre-booked appointment.


Don't take the risk, book in advance.

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