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Hey readers,

Today's Blog is a little different from the usual post. You may have noticed that on our Contact Us page, we have three seemingly random words at the bottom of our footer -

We wanted to explain a little more about what these three words mean and the potential power they can have on the world - above and beyond our usage of the tool.

What is What3Words?

What3Words is the 'simplest way to talk about location' - there are many instances where it's difficult to precisely describe and navigate to a specific location. Navigating to a new location can often be a stressful time!

CNB MOTs are based on Castle Lane in North Baddesley, which is a 1.3 mile-long country lane, which winds through beautiful nature. It's great for a fun ride, but when you're on route to our MOT Station, it can become confusing.

What3Words helps to provide a precise location by dividing the world into 3-metre squares, each with a unique combination of three words. This helps share and navigate to precise locations.

How does it work?

Using the What3Words website or App, you can search for the three-word location and be provided with a map view of where the location precisely sits. This helps save both time and stress in finding us!

The App works without the need for a data connection and you can navigate using Google Maps. You can download the App on the Google Play Store and App Store through the website.

What's special about it?

We're not being paid for this Blog, but we love the product. It's simple and can help in a number of situations, beyond just navigating to CNB MOTs. The product is used in 193 countries daily, in over 45 languages for a number of reasons. This includes helping emergency services navigate to locations without an address.

Why use What3Words?

In the UK, over 80% of Emergency Services use What3Words and so in the case of an emergency, you can help speed up response times that may be a question of life or death. Whether for yourself, a family member or a member of the public, having the App could be pivotal.

This is our small effort in helping to spread awareness about the great outcomes technology like What3Words can achieve. Check it out and give it a try on your next visit to CNB MOTs :)

Ready for your MOT test? Learn more about CNB MOTs

CNB MOTs are able to provide you with all your car or van needs. Besides our MOT testing for cars (class 4 vehicles), we’re able to conduct computer diagnostics, welding work, vehicle body damage repairs, electrical repairs and car servicing. ​ Our workshop is based in North Baddesley, Hampshire and we're in close driving distance from the following:

  • 5 minutes from Chandler's Ford Train Station

  • 10 minutes from Eastleigh Train Station

  • 15 minutes from Southampton City Centre

To find out more about our MOT Station and why you should choose CNB MOTs, just visit our website here. Thanks for reading our blog!

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