8 Tips on Passing your MOT Test

In this blog post, CNB MOTs explains 8 simple tips on helping to pass your MOT test the first time!

What is an MOT Test?

MOT tests are a comprehensive examination of your vehicle to check whether your vehicle is roadworthy. It includes checking the working condition of the fundamental features of your vehicle. You can expect most MOT tests to take around 45 minutes, where your authorised MOT examiner will inspect the vehicle, including the lights, battery, seatbelts and windscreen. See the picture below for all the areas covered:

According to Halfords, nearly 50% of all faults found during an MOT could be avoided by carrying out simple maintenance. This is why CNB MOTs decided to provide you with our list of top tips on passing the first time

Our top tips on passing your MOT

1. Tyre Checks - Test using a tyre gauge or the edge of a 20p coin:

Your tyres must be of good general condition and have a tread depth of at least 1.6mm across each tyre. If the tyre depth is more than the outer band of the 20p coin, the tyre is within the legal requirements.

2. Seatbelt Checks - Test by pulling each seat belt sharply, it should lock to prevent being pulled further:

The driver’s seat must be able to be adjusted, moving backwards and forwards. Seat belts must be in working order. Test by pulling each seat belt sharply, it should lock to prevent being pulled further.

3. Mirror Checks - Ensure you have your mirrors still attached: The vehicle must have a working driver’s side mirror, as well as a second mirror, which is usually on the passenger’s side.

4. Check Lights - Ensure that all of your car’s lights are working:

Check your headlights, brake lights, sidelights, rear lights, hazard lights and indicators.

5. Windscreen and Wipers - Check for chips and ensure wipers work: The areas directly above the vision of a steering wheel from top to bottom must be clear from any chips sized over 10mm. Other areas of the windscreen must also be free of any chips sized over 40mm.

Your windscreen wipers must work effectively. Any tears or holes may result in a fail. Your windscreen washer should be filled up to the top.

6. Engine Oil and Fuel - Fill up your car with enough fuel for 15 - 20 minutes of running: Before taking your vehicle for a test, fill your vehicle up as it will be on for part of the test. Also, fill your engine oil up to the maximum before the test. You should top up your brake fluid to the maximum if needed.

7. Horn - Make sure your horn works by giving it a press:

You will fail your MOT test if your horn does not work.

8. Registration plate - Ensure your car registration plates are clean: All registration plates must also be clean and readable, meeting the standard legal requirements of font and spacing.

Ready for your MOT test? Learn more about CNB MOTs

CNB MOTs are able to provide you with all your car or van needs. Besides our MOT testing for cars (class 4 vehicles), we’re able to conduct computer diagnostics, welding work, vehicle body damage repairs, electrical repairs and car servicing. ​Our location is based in North Baddesley, Hampshire and we're in close driving distance from the following:

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