Hitting the UK Roads this Summer? Essential Checklist Before a Long Journey

Dear new and old CNB MOTs Customers,

It's fastly approaching the Summer in the UK and things are hotting up. With travel restricted to domestic holidays, the expectation is that there will be a lot of "staycationing" and travel up and down the country in search of short holidays! For many of us, this means packing our bags and hopping in the car.

Before you do so, it's very important to complete some quick checks and preparations before setting off on your journey. The last thing you want is a problem occurring before your holiday begins! So, CNB MOTs have decided in this Blog to give you a few, short tips on preparing your vehicle before a long journey. This means you can travel safely and with ease.

The CNB MOTs Road Trip Checklist - Here's a number of practical tips that you can take with you before setting off on your holiday by car:

Live Traffic Updates - The last thing you want is to be stuck in traffic for hours:

It's important to know whether there have been any diversions of major traffic expected on your day of travel. Google Maps provides a great live traffic system, showing where all the traffic is currently sitting before you set off. Waze is also a great App where users can report any incidents, often providing you with the information before the radio broadcast!

Planning your Breaks - It's always important to keep alert when driving, make sure you plan your breaks:

You've probably heard this in the car before "we'll stop at the next services" before you miss the motorway exit. That might be because you've decided to push yourself, or have not pre-planned your exit with enough notice. If you're traveling early in the morning, or for significant amounts of time - it's important that you plan your breaks. Use Google Maps to identify some service stations or even sightseeing locations on route! Make the most of it. Go for a walk, have a drink, and refuel yourself and your car.

Bring some emergency equipment in the car - Failing to prepare is preparing to fail, make sure you have the right resources in case you break down or have an accident:

We always think that "it will never happen to me" when it comes to something negative or with a low probability. However, that probability still exists! You never know what might happen when you're on the road, especially when there are other road users around you - it's not always down to your own care and attention. With this in mind, it's important to take some essentials in the case of an emergency. For example, take a first aid kit that might be helpful for any injuries to you or others around you. Take a high-vis vest and some blankets in case of a break-down where recovery may take hours before arriving. It's better to be safe than sorry.

Remember to always conduct a vehicle check, similar to what you would do when preparing for an MOT Test. For more information on vehicle maintenance tips, check out our blog on preparing for an MOT.

About CNB MOTs

CNB MOTs are dedicated to providing every customer with value for money to ensure the continuous running and safety of each vehicle. It’s our mission to ‘ensure every vehicle in Hampshire is maintained to an excellent standard, helping keep every vehicle, driver, passenger and member of the public safe.’

CNB MOTs are able to provide you with all your car or van needs. Besides our MOT testing for cars (class 4 vehicles), we’re able to conduct computer diagnostics, welding work, vehicle body damage repairs, electrical repairs and car servicing. ​ Our location is based in North Baddesley, Hampshire and we're in close driving distance from the following:

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